#Domains and #trademarks : The #USPTO is gearing up for some changes to its web site

Many domain investors use the United States Patent and Trademark Office web site, to research potential issues with domain names.

IP attorneys that work on a variety of intellectual property cases, from trademark infringement to the filing of UDRP disputes, use the USPTO as well.

Using the tools at USPTO.gov can assist with the identification of issues, when bidding on domain auctions for example, responding to Cease and Desist letters about domains, or registering domains that otherwise seem problem-free.

The USPTO announced that changes are coming to its homepage on October 25th:

“On Oct. 25, we will unveil a new, more visually engaging homepage for visitors to USPTO.gov. In addition to the same valuable services and functionality you’re familiar with on USPTO.gov, the new homepage includes several features for ease of use and quick navigation to key USPTO tools and systems. The rest of USPTO.gov will remain unchanged. Look for more information on our Director’s Blog and social media channels in the coming days.”

While this is great news, it’s disappointing to see that the focus will be the USPTO homepage, while the “rest of the USPTO.gov will remain unchanged.”

The actual trademark search tool is visually and technically outdated, and is not optimized for mobile. That’s the type of change we’re hoping to see from the USPTO in the future.

The USPTO announced changes to its homepage.

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