Domains NOT to register: StarWars.Academy

This past weekend at the movie theaters there was not a single movie worth mentioning.

Everyone is getting ready for the big premiere of Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

Star Wars is a famous trademark of Lucas Films, and an intellectual property of Disney.


Still, people will go register domain names infringing on major trademarks, such as the person who registered StarWars.Academy.

Capitalizing on the Star Wars Jedi Academy, the domain is an example of how gTLDs can be used to match existing brands; in this case, it’s also a blatant example of cybersquatting.

The owners of StarWars.Academy are not alone: Huge Domains is selling for $2,095 – today only.

Lastly, the following “Star Wars” exact match domains appear to be registered:

Don’t do it, folks!

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