Donald Trump moves to buy #Greenland .com from the Danish

The US President, Donald Trump, is moving fast to acquire

The domain is the pride and joy of Denmark, the country that governs the gigantic icy island in the North Atlantic.

Donald Trump stated on Twitter, his official channel of intergovernmental communications:

“Very, very smart idea. The US and its close allies need this domain for fast base launch against cybercrime. The Russians are close in Europe but all Atlantic bases are belong to US. Greenland is a great ally, the .com is best strategy against Russia interference in the Atlantic and cyberspace. Expect great things on”

News of the President’s intentions to acquire were met with scorn and disbelief by the Danish government:

“Mr. President, go away. is not for sale. Use your own ccTLD, dot .US.”

Registered in 1995, the domain forwards to, a domain and web site 100% owned by the Government of Greenland, who is responsible for marketing the country’s adventures and opportunities for guests wishing to visit the world’s largest island.

Will Greenland eventually break down to pressure from Donald Trump and sell him, the world’s biggest island geodomain? – Photo by Xavier Balderas Cejudo on Unsplash

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One Response to “Donald Trump moves to buy #Greenland .com from the Danish”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    YoYoYo… they laughed when we bought alaska. they laughed when trump built the taj mahal and financed it with junk bonds at over 14%.
    now alaska is our biggest state and the taj mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. i’ma gonna take a wait and see attitude here.

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