Dot .com domains in the wild :

Tracking domain names in public places is like chasing Pokemons, without the embarrassment.

New gTLDs get all the attention these days, and we often keep track of “non-com sightings” to give them some extra popularity.

We also keep track of the good old .com domains that might come our way.

Sometimes one has to react fast, especially when driving, as is the case with, which is displayed on a billboard in Central Florida.

The locally brewed beer looks very appealing, and we should be tasting it in one of our weekend beer-drinking sessions. 😀

After all, “BORICUA BEER” is a registered trademark, a smart move in a world of competition and lawsuits over beer names!

Visit as long as you are of legal drinking age.

Dot com in the wild :

Dot com in the wild :

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