Dot .NG: Rick Schwartz becomes king of Nigerian ccTLD

asdads coat of arms.

Domain King, Rick Schwartz, launched his latest investment salvo earlier this morning, with a much-discussed domain acquisition.

The joint venture with the world’s newest publicly open ccTLD, Nigerian .NG, ensures that Rick’s trademark moniker further establishes itself.

“Folks, we are living in strange times, exciting times, and by using a domain hack for my latest joint venture I can show you what it feels like to be the Domain King!” exclaimed Rick Schwartz, shortly after spending a couple of hundred dollars on apparently per the advice of Howard Neu.

“As I said many times, numbers don’t lie and Howard was dead on about protecting my Domain King trademark, you should too!” added Rick.

The web site will provide its members access to a royal club for the latest juicy news on domain investing. Memberships will be granted by application only.

Essentially, by investing a small chunk in the Nigerian ccTLD, Rick becomes partners with Microsoft Bing, that uses as its shortcut to

“If you thought was amazing, just wait until rolls out very soon, you will ship your pants!” said Rick, referencing a KMart commercial. “With I will be saving you 3 keystrokes every time you visit my blog, a huge savings of your time over the course of a lifetime!” added Rick.

If you want to register .NG domains keep in mind that the Nigerian Registry has nothing to do with the popular 419 scams but you might want to pay with cash or pre-funded debit cards, just in case.

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6 Responses to “Dot .NG: Rick Schwartz becomes king of Nigerian ccTLD”
  1. BullS says:

    Every freaking domainer is waiting for the name of the bomber…here is the name

    John Doe

    Go for it

  2. RaTHeaD says:

    if anyone needs any help with nigerian domains i’m sure i can be of assistance. i have been in contact through email with the nigerian minister of finance as he has been having problems transferring 60 million dollars to my local bank. i forwarded him $6000 and now i have a whole list of contacts with higher ups in the nigerian government. to say nothing of the 35% of the transfer amount i’m gonna receive any day now. i’m rich you bastards… i’m finallyt rich.

  3. DomainGang says:

    RaTHeaD – I hope you didn’t get paid in buttcoins.

  4. says: is available.

  5. DomainGang says:

    Domen – We won’t be held at ransom by the Nigerian capitalists!

  6. Molly says: has gone live

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