Dr. Schnauss: Cranial operation might benefit gTLD-resistant domainers

According to a new study at the Medical University of Leipzig, obsessive-compulsive rejection is a treatable condition.

Dr. Anneliese Schnauss, chief researcher at the University, studied a sample of 250 domain investors from Germany.

The results will be published in next month’s Allemagne Medic Zeitung.

“Many patients identified vith tradition, und refused ze introduction of ze new specimen in zeir lives, it vas a very strong rejection they suffered from,” said Dr. Schnauss.

“Ze small operation in ze cranial cavity dissolved ze inhibition by introducing meta-musilicate distilpherone hornmones, naturally a product of ze predatory animal and Neanderthals”, added Dr. Schnauss.

The results were impressive: out of the sample, 98% adjusted well after the operation; in just 24 hours they were willing and able to register domain names in TLDs other than their traditional choices.

“Vith ze small surgery procedure und ze pharmaceutical assistance over ze course of 90 days, one becomes a ‘normal person’ und can accept life today is different than life in year 1995,” said Dr. Schnauss.

The study is particularly important, considering German domainers are very resistant to technological change; some still use multi-word, hyphenated .de domains or even .nets.

By making the procedure available to the general public, after it is patented, an entire population of gTLD-resistant domain investors will surely benefit.


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