EasterSanta: The ultimate domain merger!

Faced with a lengthy, unproductive gap between their respective festive periods, Santa and the Easter Bunny announced their merger into a joint venture earlier today, just in time for Easter.

“We are joining forces, as times are tough and the market is competitive,” said Santa, who’s been working on sled repairs to make ends meet outside of the Christmas season.

“It’s a non-brainer, really, and other festive saints and patrons will soon follow this remarkable trend,” added the Easter Bunny, hopping around restlessly.


The mega-merger is clearly reflected in the new domain and web site, EasterSanta.com, hosted in the heart of the Cayman Islands.

“After careful consideration, I’m moving from the icy weather of the North Pole down to warmer climates,” said Santa, getting ready to slip into a pair of swimming trunks.

“I can’t wait to see the sexy ladies in bikinis known to frequent the Cayman Island beaches!” exclaimed the Easter Bunny, thrusting its pelvis back and forth.

Together in this merger, Santa and the Easter Bunny will continue to bring fun and joy to billions of kids around the world, perpetuating a centuries-old double-myth through this joint venture.

For more info, visit EasterSanta.com.

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  1. Data Glasses says:

    Now my butler will want Easter eggs all year round

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