Elliot, New·York.com is for sale but don’t miss the interpunct!

These faux IDN domains really stink.

The same dufus that has been promoting a series of bastardized domains as “IDN” – which Rick Schwartz accurately labeled as “lower than pigeon shit” in terms of quality – is now selling yet another “gem.”

Not content with trying to convince potential buyers about the supposed value of ·Poker.com, the peddler of pseudo-IDN domains is now offering New·York.com.

Yes, that little dot in-between New and York is called an “interpunct” and you type it by holding down the ALT key and quickly typing the number 0183 on the numeric keypad in Windows.

As if someone would really want to do that!

This obvious trash is being peddled as an “opportunity for SEO” when in fact the punycode is xn--newyork-xma.com

Investors looking for IDN domains should do their homework about what to register; this turd is not a true IDN domain name.

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