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Elliot Silver runs into Francois in a busy Paris street

Domain investor, Elliot Silver, was strolling the busy streets of Paris, France, where he is vacationing with his family.

Little did he know, that at 11:25am on Friday he’d meet one of the most prolific French domain entrepreneurs, Francois of Domaining.com.

Francois recognized Elliot first; after all, Elliot Silver’s mugshot is plastered on his About.me page. The following conversation ensued:

“Mon dieu, Elliot, it’s you! How be in Paris? I mean, you American never travel in Europe much, no?”, said Francois, putting down his strawberry-filled croissant at a trendy St. Elysee cafe where Elliot sat down for a bagel and coffee.

Elliot Silver in Paris, France.

“Yes, it’s me Francois, you are not dreaming”, said Elliot. “This is my wife and that’s my baby daughter. I had to leave my dog behind, and naturally I used DogWalker.com to find a person of trust that would take care of her.

Francois laughed:

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah! Well Elliot, you are taller than imagined. Here in Paris, we say man tall as Eiffel Tower when at least 1.65 meter. And how lovely baby! Remind me of art on BabyRegistries.com you own, no?”

Elliot stretched his arms over his head and smiled.

“Francois, Paris is beautiful. I could live here the rest of my life. Or at least, eat the croissants, this bagel sucks by the way. Come to NY for the real thing, and some hot pastrami sandwich. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy kosher food, but I urge you to visit my Torah.com if you are interested in the faith.”

Francois took a look at Elliot and said:

“Well, Elliot, tell you secret: move to New York in September, after sell CAX.com and Domaining.com for lots money, Russian Bear Investment firm of Sergei Putanov. Then afford apartment Manhattan, maybe be your neighbor, eat breakfast together every day, ah ah ah ah ah!”

Elliot felt suddenly nervous over that prospect, yet he maintained his composure.

“Francois, that’s wonderful news. Perhaps you could babysit my dog then on occasion. By the way, where can I rent a bike for the day here in Paris? Back home, I would use BikeRentals.com obviously.”

Francois smiled and tapped Elliot’s back, in the gentle manner that the French are known to display.

“Mon ami, no idea but listen, when do business in New York I will call your brother lawyer at SHS.com, ok? And now, have business with Sergei to make money. Au revoir!”

Elliot stood there shocked, after Francois kissed him three times on the cheeks, as it is customary in France. Finishing off his not so good French bagel, he noticed that his baby daughter was speaking for the first time!

“Ami! Ami! Ami!” said Elliot’s baby, her first words being in French.

“We must come here more often, darling, it’s wonderful”, he said to his wife as he fumbled through a pocketful of strange looking euro coins.

They paid for their food and headed back to the hotel; Elliot had a long blog post ahead of him and it was already past noon. Ah, life in Paris, c’est très magnifique.

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2 Responses to “Elliot Silver runs into Francois in a busy Paris street”
  1. BullS says:

    Should have brought to Paris so the dog can poop anywhere ….

  2. Francois says:

    Just read it. It’s a funny way to feature Elliot’s domain names.
    The truth is I was not in Paris, I rarely travel. I think the last time I taken a plane was 8 years ago…
    But apparently Elliot met many Americans friends there: the world is small.

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