Epik statement by Mike Mann

Mike Mann in an uber-cool pose

Mike Mann in a pose from Halloween.

Domain investor, Mike Mann, does not mince his words.

The never-sleeping author of “Make Millions and Make Change“, is known for his sharp and often edgy statements about politics, the economy and other industry companies.

This time around, Mike attempts to describe Rob Monster, CEO of Epik.

In a Facebook post, Mike Mann stated:

“Rob Monster is a nice guy who used to enjoy copying me, competing with me and interfering, while I was trying to help him. He “invested” in sem.com when I tried to buy it after I bought SEO.com. Tried to interfere and buy Skateboards.com when I bought it. Bought wifi.com when I bought wi.fi. Invested in analytics co when I started Yield Software in competition. Started Domain Strategies when I started Domain Market. Worked with idiot thieves who I warned him about in advance. Im assuming he lost everything, my companies that made it are doing fantastic in competition.”

It’s not easy to read this statement, if you’re Rob Monster, that is.

While we’re certain that there’s two sides to a story, it seems that Mike’s statement comes at a point in time that he’s on top of the world: his business is thriving while Epik has been painfully quiet lately.

Let’s hope that those two will get along better, in 2013! 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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