Evora.com sale: Not all Brazilians are like the ‘SaveMe’ lowballer

Evora: Viva Brazilian domain investors!

Evora: Viva Brazilian domain investors!

The recent sale of the domain name Evora.com for $94,000 on Sedo, piqued our interest; as of today, the domain WHOIS reflects an ownership change.

Currently, WHOIS information appears to be that of a Brazilian law firm, Guerra Law.

We can safely now say that not all Brazilian domain buyers are ‘lowballers’ like the guy who tried to buy SaveMe.com from Rick Schwartz for a fistful of dollars! 😀

The buyers of Evora.com seem to have quite a chunk of money to invest in virtual property, according to their web site, Petropar.com.br:

“Petropar S.A. is a publicly traded holding company, whose shares are listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, which operates globally, through its subsidiaries, in the manufacture and commercialization of polypropylene nonwovens, through Fitesa, of aluminium cans for beverages, through Crown Embalagens, of plastic closures, through America Tampas, and in refloresting, through Petropar Agroflorestal.”

Definitely a nice sale and an indication that not all Brazilians are created equal! 😀

According to a company press release, sent out on April 30th, the company is changing its name from Petropar to Evora:

“Porto Alegre, 30 – Petropar, Brazilian holding company that controls supplier of intermediate goods for the consumer industry, announced the name change to Évora, Tuesday, 30, in Porto Alegre. Executives explained that the name no longer represented the attributes that characterize the company, which originated from a corporate reorganization of the Group Olvebra in 1988, with assets in the petrochemical and plastics. The new name is associated with the word “evolution” and “value”. A Évora retains full control of Fitesa producer of non-woven polypropylene used in disposable diapers and sanitary napkins; America Closures, a manufacturer of plastic closures for packaging drinks and toiletries, cleaning and food, and Petropar Agroforestry, geared to the economic activities of afforestation. The holding company also participates in a joint venture with US-based Crown Holdings in Crown Packaging, manufacturer of aluminum cans for drinks.”

Link to original press release in Portuguese here.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!


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