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#Fabulous rolls out #domain monetization integration with Parking Crew

Following its web site redesign, Fabulous.com has rolled out its domain parking and monetization integration with Parking Crew.

Domain names on Fabulous.com accounts are now enabled at Parking Crew, as long as they received at least one unique visit in the last two months, and no other account has claimed them.

There is no need to change the DNS, as the domains are redirected automatically to new Parking Crew pages.

The full announcement by Fabulous.com follows:

As we previously announced, moving forward ParkingCrew will be providing parking services to domains monetized on the Fabulous.com system.

A ParkingCrew account has been created on your behalf, details below:

ParkingCrew Username: [redacted]
ParkingCrew Email: [redacted]

You will now need to go to ParkingCrew and set a password. You can do so by clicking here

[URL removed]

You will also need to enter your Payment Details, which can be completed here

[URL removed]

Any domain that has received at least one unique in the last 2 months and has not triggered an ownership review with another ParkingCrew user has been pre-added to your new account.

Domains will be assigned to your new ParkingCrew account once the ParkingCrew system detects a user visiting the page through the Fabulous implementation/nameservers. If you have domains already monetized with ParkingCrew (on their dns) the domains will remain in your existing ParkingCrew account.

No nameservers changes are necessary, the domains will automatically be redirected to the new ParkingCrew pages. Revenue and traffic stats will populate in your Fabulous.com account, via the Parking Crew API.

If you have previously customized a domain with Related Links keywords/phrases, these settings have also been sent through to ParkingCrew and will continue to be used.

You can choose to park with or without a custom For Sale banner. To set the Parking URL For Sale banner, please visit the Fabulous Admin page here [URL removed] and click on the “Site Settings” tab.

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, feel free to contact us or the ParkingCrew support team (support@parkingcrew.com).


The Fabulous.com Support Team


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