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#Fabulous rolls out #domain monetization integration with Parking Crew

Following its web site redesign, Fabulous.com has rolled out its domain parking and monetization integration with Parking Crew. Domain names on Fabulous.com accounts are now enabled at Parking Crew, as long as they received at least one unique visit in the last two months, and no other account has claimed them. There is no need […]

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ParkingCrew bans “far right” content from PPC revenue counters

ParkingCrew has updated its Terms of Service (TOS) and now bans certain types of content, disallowing it from its PPC revenue calculator. The new TOS has to be agreed to, before gaining access to one’s ParkingCrew account, and contains the following interesting addition, among others: 11. No campaigns/ads are running on any sensitive sites – […]

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Hannah Steller : How ParkingCrew – almost – brought the Backpack Girl to NamesCon!

During NamesCon, the parking company ParkingCrew had a great idea, which was implemented on two levels. First, they created a mockup of the notorious parking page of the 2000’s, showcasing the Backpack Girl. Anyone could have their photo taken and included into a funny reel. But a little bit of history, first. Also known as […]

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