Father Domainicus: Satanic orgies at domain conferences

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus on a fine Sunday morning here in the Land of the Free.

Many a faithful domainer often ask me, Father Domainicus, is it a sin to party hard after a day of intense networking at a domain conference? How about partaking in head-banging, rock ‘orgies’ reminiscent of satanic rituals performed under loud music?

Father Domainicus preaches love.

Father Domainicus during mass at the Domain Church.

That is a great question, and something that requires a theologian‘s input; therefore, I believe I’m qualified to answer it.

It is part of the human nature to be elevated by music, be it ecclesiastic hymns or jazz or that pelvic thrusting rock ‘n roll that Elvis performed. The human body seeks and worships performers, for they are projections of our needs and desires to get closer to the Domain Lord, who said:

“Dance with joy and jubilation on the day of your success, and celebrate with kosher food and wine the fruit of your hard work’s endeavor, for I shall guide you across the Valley of Death”

This remarkable revelation shows us that not only one is permitted to have a bit of fun during a domain conference’s parties, but it is in fact mandated – as an expression of love for our Domain Lord and an appreciation of life. By throwing our hands in the air, pretending that we just don’t care, we are celebrating our love for the Domain Church.

Therefore, I ask that you enjoy every domain conference that you attend, without fear of judgment or damnation for shaking your ‘thang‘ after the business card and the round robin interviews come to an end.

Be blessed, be young at heart, be willing to embrace the world; let the Domain Lord be your compass in life.

Leaving you with a tight embrace and a joyful gyration of the pelvis or two, until next time.

~ Father Domainicus.

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