Father Domainicus: Sunday eulogy for the deceased domainers

Father Domainicus delivers the word of our Domain Lord.

Father Domainicus delivers the word of our Domain Lord.

Greetings and salutations, my domainer brothers and sisters – this is Father Domainicus, celebrating the day of our Lord.

It has been a glorious week, full of joyous, jubilant results in our domain Church. Plenty of domain sales, I hope, and do remember to cast your ten percent to a charity, whenever life grants you such financial success thanks to domaining.

Today’s lesson is about remembrance.

For the living to appreciate life, they must remember the successful lives of those that are now with the Lord.

I shall not refer to those brothers and sisters in domaining, as “dead domainers“, for this is a heartless epithet reserved for paradigmatic simile.

Let us remember those domainers that deceased, while proudly wearing the insignia of domain registrations. Let us pray for their marvelous, eternal bliss in a world that beholds no fear, no animosity, no malicious counter-bids of dropping domains. Let us keep in our hearts their smiles and faces and peruse their emails with nothing but fondness and spirited jubilation, for it is a small life, a short life, a blink in the glorious timeline of the Universe.

To summarize: Celebrate, remember, honor those domainers that left us, when you step onto the grand Bellagio hotel next week, in order to attend TRAFFIC in Las Vegas, presumably. Keep those feelings deep in your heart, remember those that cannot negotiate sales, nor play blackjack any longer.

Sending you brotherly kisses in a tight yet spirited embrace, until next time.

~Father Domainicus.

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