Father Domainicus: The Domainer Sodomites and the route to Salvation

Father Domainicus - Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Good morning, my brothers and sisters in Domaining; what a beautiful Sunday this is, and I am delighted to bring you a good-hearted Sunday sermon.

As you know, spammers pretending to be domain investors are speculating on your current investments.

While it is prudent to view every email and examine it carefully, for it might offer an opportunity to protect and expand your nest egg, it is also important to shield yourself from the Evil-doers who prey upon thee.

I call these individuals, the Domainer Sodomites.

My domain children, keep your eyes and ears open for those emails that pretend to offer drop-catching services for variants of your existing domain names.

The Domainer Sodomites operate behind rogue registries and email you with such titles as “Domain investment” or “Domain Opportunity“; the domains they offer are about to drop out of the face of the earth.

And if you are weak at heart, the Domainer Sodomites will gauge your email response, thus catching these domains which they then offer to you at an inflated price.

Often times, I am being asked, what is the road to domainer salvation for those Domainer Sodomites that have sinned in such a despicable manner.

As our Domain Lord said, “let the Sodomites do upon one another what they know doing best“. In other words, let them roast in agony, for their evil deeds should be punished eventually.

Thus, do not be tempted to respond to them in an inappropriate manner, but report their Internet Protocol address to the authorities, ICANN – if they are registries – and rest assured that our Domain Lord will deliver his wrath as it is deserved.

I leave you with a brotherly hug, for I love you dearly and brotherly. May your Sunday be full of blossoming opportunities to invest and become a loving individual. Amen.

~Father Domainicus.

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