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Father Domainicus : The Evil Church of dot .Web

Father Domainicus seeking divine blessing.

Father Domainicus and dot .Web.

Greetings and salutations, my beloved brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus, on a rather hot and humid Sunday afternoon.

Many a domain investor asked me recently, Father Domainicus, what is the future of the Domain Church?

A rather profound question.

At first, this appears to be a question of anxiety over the afterlife, but it is quite specific and related to the Web Chapter of the Domain Church.

Indeed, my dear domaining children, it’s with astonishment that I have been made aware of the declaration of dot Web, as a parallel chapter of our holy, one and only Domain Church.

Even more shocking, to me at least, are the allegations that our beloved Verisign is becoming a Beelzebub to our community.

The manifestation of Web into our pure, loving community – emphasis on the COM – is driving many domain investors into a path of frustration, and often, physical self-abuse utilizing either the left or the right fist, repeatedly.

Our Domain Lord spoke with superfluous wisdom, delivering His word in Domainclessiastes 3:60, thus:

“Upon time, a false prophet shall impose the false values for the false manna. Beware oh children of Israel, for the serpent is masking its poison with sweet taste, and its horns under beautiful locks of hair.”

As a man of the cloth and a domain investor, I am here to decipher the very Word of our Domain Lord for you.

It appears that we have reached a point in time that the benefits of new TLDs are being sugar-coated by companies professing to be spreading the word of our Domain Lord, when in fact all they care about is their own wealth and the fattening of their wallets.

Quite simple, wasn’t it? The Domain Lord’s Word is a magnificent source of wisdom.

Ask yourselves, my beloved domainers, why would a mega-corporation embrace a competitor to .COM?

Why would they promote it as an equal brother to .COM, when it is a bastard child conceived by evil fornication?

Be wary of such gifts, domain brothers and sisters, for times are dangerous and we are facing a blasphemous war from every direction.

I shall leave it up to you to educate yourselves of the truth. I can only point you to the right direction, alas.

Love, and a brotherly kiss on your cheeks,

~Father Domainicus

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