First man on the moon dead – Frank Schilling’s domain stock skyrockets

The sad news of the day is that Neil Armstrongfirst man on the moon – passed away today at the ripe age of 82.

Meanwhile, Frank Schilling’s domain stock is bound to skyrocket, as he hand-registered ten years ago.

It’s uncertain when America will return to the moon, but Frank Schilling’s intuition will continue to impress.

Our condolences to the family of Neil Armstrong, he was a great man.

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2 Responses to “First man on the moon dead – Frank Schilling’s domain stock skyrockets”
  1. mosstrooper says:

    Ah,the legacy of a man’s life!

    Neil Armstrong will be forever remembered – a superhuman who made great history.

    And Frank Schilling’s hand reg?And us domainers et al?Not worth a shilling!

  2. Daddeo says:

    Please spank me, my AT&T network in Florida with an IP of says I might be closeted gay.

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