Flippa cuts down free domain relisting to one

Flippa is turning 6 soon.

Flippa is currently 6 years old. See what we did here?

Flippa, the domain, app and web site marketplace from Down Under, has announced some changes to how freebies are handled.

For a few months, Flippa shocked everyone – positively, we hope – by offering unlimited relisting of domains that did not sell the first time around.

This created an oversupply of domains that were relisted ad nauseam.

After getting feedback from users, Flippa has now changed its model to one free relisting per domain:

“… effective on the 30th October 2015 (AEST), Flippa will enact a limit of one free relist per Domain auction. After that, the listing fee is half price of the original listing ($4.50 in most cases).

At any point, you may relist an ended domain auction as a free Portfolio listing, by using the easy link in the Seller Action bar on any listing. As a Portfolio listing, it stays active on the site for an unlimited amount of time and has the ability to accept or reject offers received.”

The new rule about listing and relisting domains at Flippa won’t please those that simply want to promote their domains for free.

However, such a measure is expected to both decrease the amount of domains that don’t sell anyway, and to increase revenue for Flippa.

It’s a win-win situation.

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