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Forget about BlackFriday.com – only CyberMonday.com gets it

Avoid the Black Friday fights by shopping online on Cyber Monday deals

When it comes down to exploiting common phrases in retailing, BlackFriday.com stands out due to the sheer number of Google results: half a billion.

As in every Thanksgiving holiday, the online retailers attempt to capitalize on the consumer mania of Americans, having introduced “Cyber Monday” in order to maximize their sales – ergo, CyberMonday.com

Google returns just 12.5 million results for “Cyber Monday” but when comparing the two web sites, BlackFriday.com and CyberMonday.com the latter wins.

How so?

They’re both web sites that don’t sell any actual goods; in other words, they capitalize on their traffic to “inject” their affiliate id for visitors that will then end up on a retail store web site linked to from theirs.

Alexa returns a 5,200 7-day average for BlackFriday.com while CyberMonday.com masters a not-so-shabby 17,591. Within the US alone, the numbers are 2,060 and 8,070 respectively.

However, we are certain that CyberMonday.com converts its traffic much better into sales, for the following reasons:

  • Much cleaner design with less clutter and fewer unrelated options
  • Features a cornucopia of call to action images that instantly display the retailers’ savings
  • Integrated shopping cart so that you can add products immediately and purchase offsite

With these advantages in mind, and given the fact that many associate Black Friday with fights and crazy behavior, CyberMonday.com looks like a sure winner with international appeal. And remember: Cyber Monday is tomorrow 😀

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