Frank Schilling and Ammar Kubba pull out the long knives – who won?

You know sooner or later it’s going to happen: one moment you’re having drinks and discuss domains business with that guy, the next moment you’re competing against them for domain ownership.

But that’s the beauty of domain business on a daily basis!

Legendary domainer duo, Frank Schilling and Ammar Kubba are no newcomers to competitive spirit.

As kids, they both beat the crap out of those that dared kick sand into their faces. And that’s how the human race – and that of uber-domainers – continues to thrive on.

Pure adrenaline.

Frank Schilling and Ammar Kubba had a face-off yesterday, for the domain name is a nice, short and sweet dot com with Web 2.0 overtones. Think “Flickr”. Or something like that.

Turns out, the two bad boys of domaining wrestled for it. They got down on their knees and got all dirty for ownership of this beauty.

In the end, persistent and systematic, Frank Schilling took home the experienced domain maiden and Ammar Kubba won the consolation prize.

The 10-year old domain, sold for $574 at Namejet – or about the cost of a pair of cigars Frank Schilling smokes on the weekends.

There was no commentary coming from Ammar Kubba’s strategy room but most likely he will be ok. He’s a fighter, owning

Congratulations to both Frank Schilling and Ammar Kubba for their competitive spirit.

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