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Frank Schilling: I’m not going back to NameJet!

The big news of the day is the emphatic departure of uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, from the NameJet platform.

Acknowledged for his aggressive and omnipresent bidding at NameJet, Frank Schilling owns just about every food domain known to mankind, with very few exceptions.

“This is pure bull$hit and I’ve had it”, said an enraged Frank. “Why spend my time and effort at an antiquated platform, now that Latona’s daily auctions offer far more? It’s a non-brainer, just like RumCakes.com”, he added, visibly upset.

Frank Schilling’s reference to the newly-launched daily auction platform at Latonas.com is an indication that the missing link in the domain chain of selling venues is now a reality.

Rick Latona kick-started the new, daily platform today, with 120 domains of his own starting at $1 and no reserve.

“Seriously…I can sit at Latonas.com all day and enjoy the bidding without concern about any lack of transparency. I mean, that hifi guy, that newyorker…that ccarter – how many times were these people allowed to return to NameJet after they failed to submit payment?”, said Frank while sipping a martini with a Kalamata olive.

Rick Latona’s new auctioning method has clearly stirred the waters of domaining today; at least 99% of all bloggers have exclusive news about it; the remaining 1% isn’t blogging as there is really no other news to cover.

Go to Latonas.com to register for the auctions!


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2 Responses to “Frank Schilling: I’m not going back to NameJet!”
  1. Randall says:

    I agree it did stir the milk in the pot, its a brilliant Idea, and NameJet will loose business now that Frank has gone. Also, Your right there is not much happening today in the the domaining world so with that said I didn’t blog about anything. But I did read up on the Rick Auction he starting.

  2. Samer Shami says:

    BTW , hifi is an active bidder from HK ,
    Newyorker is a Chinese bidder ,
    Ccarter3 is an American bidder,

    I have traced most of the NameJet active bidders ,by checking the Whois after they win many auctions that I was participating in them, most of the aliases we see always are for serious bidders , they rarely don’t pay , and if they don’t pay this is because of the large number of auctions they win at the same time , and some times their CC get declined , so NameJet grant them another chance later on.

    Those bidders with no history of paying and suddenly win an $xx,xxx auction and don’t pay , NameJet terminate their account for ever ,I think you should doubt Pool.com not NameJet.com !

    Surprisingly ,after I did a small research about most of the heavy weight bidders , they appear to be from China !

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