Frank Schilling is now a Greek god after NameJet auction ended

Domain investor and Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling, is now officially the ultimate Greek god.

Among the pantheon of other Greek gods, Frank’s good looks and entrepreneurial spirit could identify him with Hermes, wing-footed protector of merchants.

And now, Frank Schilling’s acquisition of the domain via a NameJet auction, further establishes that.

Frank bid $2,105 dollars on, winning the domain auction, defeating 65 mere mortals. There were 5 bids above the $1,000 dollar mark.

We aren’t sure if Frank bid on the domain manually, taking over the controls from the automated Uniregistry bot.

The domain sold for $902 dollars via another NameJet auction in 2016, according to NameBio.

To honor Frank’s acquisition of, we doctored the photo of the famous sculpture of Hermes by Praxiteles. 😀

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