Frank Schilling’s bid for the 2016 Olympic Games

Domain investor, Frank Schilling, is a notable renaissance man, delving in art, domains and sports.

It comes as no surprise that the popular uber-domainer from Canada, announced his plans to compete in windsurfing at the coming 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil, flying the Cayman Islands colors.

“As I grew older, I realized that on my bucket list is an Olympic medal, and I will try to make that dream come true,” said a smiling Frankie.

“Life is all about setting goals and achieving them, then setting new goals and so forth. I never intend to sit on my laurels,” said Frank Schilling, laughing out loud.

Frank’s intense training for the next four years will naturally take some time away from his favorite domain-related activities, such as bidding on NameJet against Ammar Kubba; however, he intends to take breaks from windsurfing, weather-permitting.

“It’s all about dreams and making them a reality, and so far I’ve been blessed in life with a lot of dream materialization,” says Frank. “I hope to win the gold in Rio and thus make the domainer community known to the edges of known cosmos!”

It is expected that Frank will once again change his haircut, to suit this Olympic sport’s demands. We’ll see you in Rio, Frank! 😀

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