Friday Fun with Mike Mann – Part 5

Mike Mann

Mike Mann

Fridays are the best days of the week to share positive wisdom with others.

Mike Mann, one of the top tier uber-domainers, possesses a sharp mind and tongue; quite often unleashing statements that are well worth reading collectively.

We collect these “MannQuotes” religiously, and bring them to you in an easy to read page.

Today’s Fifth Installment of MannQuotes contains such real gems. And if you missed the previous four parts, here’s a link to make your day.

MannQuote #49:
Most of our businesses are doing great, some have issues that people like to beat me down about. Hopefully it will all pull through great. In any event it was all started to serve charity in the first place and our charities are doing fabulous so even if everything else magically failed we already won and will keep winning. Thanks Charlie Sheen for allowing us to follow you in perseverance dept.

MannQuote #50:
Government should not create or distinguish between classes.

MannQuote #51:
Only offer services in which you excel.

MannQuote #52:
A guy says his dog can talk. He asks whats on a house, and dog says “roof”. Then asks the feeling of sandpaper; “rough”. Then asks best baseball player ever; “Ruth.” Other guy says “your dog cant talk”, and walks away. Dog says “maybe I shoulda said Dimaggio.”

MannQuote #53:
The Arias trial and Kardashians should be on pay per view porn channels and not prime time tv.

MannQuote #54:
When I was 15 I ran away from evil in the DC area like now, I took a $99 one way Peoples Express flight to LA, and my pal John met me at the airport and we went to live in the middle of nowhere, then I traveled, hitchhiking and VW vans, following the Grateful Dead around the West Coast.

MannQuote #55:
Life is whats happening while we are preparing everything else, thats why we should live and love and serve like its the last day.


This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!



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One Response to “Friday Fun with Mike Mann – Part 5”
  1. owen frager says:

    Oh the peoples express- got me high in the skies to NY for the weekend party and with how I redirected the $200 fare savings that really got me sold on flying!

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