#Frikik .com gets auctioned again after #DropCatch winner fails to pay

The domain Frikik.com sounds like “free kick” and the auction ended a few days ago on DropCatch.

The winner had to pay $1,500 dollars according to NameBio that recorded the sale. Apparently, they turned into a deadbat bidder, and Frikik.com is being re-auctioned.

The term “frikik” is also Turkish slang for a wardrobe malfunction caught in pictures or video. When celebrities, for example, reveal their body parts accidentally, that’s a “frikik” in Turkey speak.

With about 3 hours to go, Frikik.com is now being bid on by 23 bidders and has 41 bids. The current high bid is at $950 dollars, by DropCatch user “deimos.”

It’s not the first time that deadbeat bidders send an expired domain auction to a second round of bids, after the high bidder’s activity is eliminated. We don’t know if DropCatch bans accounts with deadbeat activity on domain names.

Frikik.com is being re-auctioned on DropCath

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