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Fun Estibot glitch fails to valuate expensive domain name!

Oops! There's a glitch in the Estibot parser.

Oops! There’s a glitch in the Estibot parser.

A DNForum member from Greece has uncovered a glitch with popular domain evaluation tool, Estibot.

The glitch affects other tools that use the Estibot API, such as Valuate.com by Francois Carrillo.

Clearly an issue with how domains are parsed, Estibot does not recognize that the domain name www.com is valid, as apparently it strips any leading “www” from it.

Programming makes things interesting in life; in the past, we pointed out how seemingly intelligent data parsing at Estibot, was evaluating Banana.com for only $450 dollars 😀

While domain evaluation tools aren’t perfect in how they determine the value of domains, they are still useful in assisting with the potential range for a domain’s worth.

Surely this glitch will be patched in no time. 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!


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