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Gaijin-san Domainer: Dot .Ninja domains a big hit in Japan


Gaijin-san Domainer is the writing pseudonym of American domain investor, David J. Walker; as an American expatriate in Japan, he can tell good and bad sushi apart.

Here is the result of his latest meditation on gTLD domains, and dot .Ninja in particular; it’s a parody post with a much deeper message.

Konnichiwa. Today arrives the day dot .Ninja will be offered for general public registration.

Most people in the United States and other areas of the western world will be sleeping or going about their typical day through this initial process, without a care in the world.

That doesn’t go for all the black belt born Japanese.

Instead, these indigenous people are sitting behind keyboards at their local Internet cafes, frantically hand registering the next wave of gold on the Internet, the .Ninja gTLD.

Walking into an Internet cafe in Japan, you can hear the thunderous sound of the keystrokes of hundreds of undercover ninjas, banging away at the computer keyboards to get in on the action.

It’s the awakening of an entire nation and culture.

When Isao Machii from the video below, was asked which dot .Ninja domain he would register, he promptly pointed at Samurai.ninja. The idea of paying a premium price of 50,000 Yen though didn’t sit well with his ninja warrior pride and he promptly sliced the keyboard with one swing of the katana.

Don’t mess with the culture of Japan.


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