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Gaijin-san Domainer: The Art of Car Drifting


Gaijin-san Domainer is the writing pseudonym of American domain investor, David J. Walker; his life’s experiences in Japan are best read with a good amount of warm sake.

The Japanese auto industry is doing really well.

The Japanese auto industry is truly busting out.

Everything in Japan – including the way you arrange your flowers, known as Ikebana – to the way you dress and write is an art form.

As such, drifting souped-up Japanese cars such as the Silvia S-15, Nissan 180SX and Skyline is also a display of art on how well you can control a vehicle, especially tire to tire with another car in a tandem race.

Alex Lopez of the B&M Okinawa JCI drifting team which had an all exclusive pass to Ken Block’s Tokyo Experience describes the early 2000s drifting scene after serving in the Army as one of the most spectacular series of events that he’s ever seen.

Embracing the Japanese culture and drifting, he slowly got into it and became one of the most well-known Gaijin drifters in Okinawa, Japan today.

These modified cars built for the track have performance parts bought from stores such as Autobacsthe AutoZone of Japan – as well as including a lot more technology such as GoPro mounted cameras to capture their driving and iPads used to monitor the overall performance of the vehicle.

As drifting and performance parts are big industries in Japan, it’s necessary for proper search engine optimization for their auto part stores in order to rank well for keywords in order to capture the target market, have satisfied customers and possibly sponsor up and coming drifters to attract even more business to the shop.

It’s amazing to see what people can do with their cars, making sharp turns at high speeds avoiding cones, tires and one ton blocks as opposed to watching 300 laps of NASCAR for 3 hours straight. But hey, welcome to Japan, baby.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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