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Gender equality : GoDaddy owns the domain GoMommy.com !


GoDaddy is an equal opportunity employer.

Men and women are treated equally during their careers at GoDaddy, and that’s great!

But did you know that GoDaddy, the biggest registrar in the world, also owns the domain name GoMommy.com?

Registered in December 1999, GoMommy.com used to be owned by a company called Mommies Online, according to historic WHOIS data from DomainTools.

In late April 2003, the domain changed hands, perhaps as the result of a sale, and has been used by GoDaddy ever since.

GoMommy.com forwards to GoDaddy.com so both the mom and dad of domaining are in good company! 😀

GoMommy.com in 2003.

GoMommy.com in 2003.

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