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GGP Events : When is a “stolen” domain not really stolen?

Domain theft incidents are rampant, but each case needs to be examined individually.

There are cases where a domain that was perceived by its former owner to be “stolen,” is not.

How is this possible?

A recent plea for help by the – former – owner of the domain GGPEvents.com tagged the domain as “stolen:”

“I had purchased ggpevents.com through godaddy and was trying to connect it with weebly. Somehow someone has stolen my PAID domain and using it for their website. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS AS TO BECAUSE I AM EXTREMELY PIST OVER THIS!”

Naturally, such a strong statement leads one to look up the domain in question, GGPEvents.com.


According to DomainTools, the domain was registered yesterday, October 24th!

It is clearly a domain that expired and dropped, and was just registered by a person whose name appears in the WHOIS, George Gabriel Papamichael.

The Greek-Romanian is an actor, theatrical director and event planner living in New York. His main web site is GeorgePapamichael.com.

The web site set up at GGPEvents.com displays content about the event planning activities of George, whose initials, GGP, also explain the choice of this domain.

There is no domain theft here – just a failure by the previous domain owner from India to renew the domain.

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