GoDaddy chicken : Teens arrested for taunting domain “Chips” investor

The GoDaddy chicken can be lethal.

A group of teenagers who did not assist a domain investor fixated with Chinese domain “Chips” has been arrested.

Police reports indicate that the five teenagers repeatedly failed to save a man who bid on GoDaddy auctions, for “Chinese premium letter” LLLL .com domains, taunting him instead.

The man lost a fortune bidding, and eventually took his own life by swallowing an entire GoDaddy chicken.

“Our department and our community here in Phoenix won’t tolerate such despicable, inhumane behavior,” said Phoenix, Arizona police chief, Adolfo Mamasitas.

“Those savages let the man bid on and on and lose a fortune, instead of assisting him to stop investing in these worthless assets. We’ll hold them responsible for the man’s untimely demise,” added Mamasitas.

This is the second police report in recent months, involving LLLL .com domains of the “Chinese premium” letter variety, which include no vowels or the letter “V.”

Last week, Albuquerque police arrested the head of a meth lab during an LLLL .com sale that went horribly bad.

Meanwhile, GoDaddy issued a disclaimer about the incident, indicating that the GoDaddy chicken is simply a decorative item made out of plastic, and is not meant to be consumed.

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