Going to NamesCon? Stay off the beans!

Who farted? Don't get embarrassed during NamesCon.

Who farted? Don’t get embarrassed during NamesCon.

It’s no secret that a domain investor’s worst enemy is none other than body odor.

With several hundred domainers expected to attend NamesCon, the premier domain conference of 2014, now it’s the time to ensure that you don’t smell bad while socializing with others, in Las Vegas.

In the past, we promoted Domainax, the budget priced deodorant for domainers attending TRAFFIC. That ‘joint venture’ was a parody article, but it was created to raise awareness to the same old issue: farts.

The answer is simple: don’t eat beans, or anything else with high fiber content.

CineSite, a special effects company, based in the UK, stresses out exactly that, in this hilarious animated video. 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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