Got a “small project” inquiry for a #domain name? Here’s how to respond!

The secret to making more money with your domain name sales is simple: ask for more money.

There’s a second part to this secret, however, and that is to seek a higher price for your domains consistently.

If you receive lowball offers from people that claim to have a “small project” that they’ll be using the domain for, how do you respond?

Here’s a great idea, courtesy of domain investor and entrepreneur, Mark Levine:

“Might as well make the project bigger, because the price isn’t changing!”

Hilarious! 😀

Mark is the CEO/Co-Founder of and a former CEO of publishing company, domain name investor, sushi fanatic, political junkie, and author of books.

Need a big domain for a small project – Photo by Anton Chernyavskiy on Unsplash

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