Greedy Domainers: You will not take them with you

Donate to the needy, says Father Domainicus.

Good Sunday afternoon, my brothers in domaining.

This is Father Domainicus with a hastily-prepared Sunday sermon.

As Easter is upon us, I ask you all: is greed worth an afterlife of torture in domain Hayl?

Alas, most domainers don’t consider the single most important fact of life: Death.

Do not feel intimidated or despaired, my domain children. Death is not the end of it all, but it does terminate the earthly pleasures irrevocably.

Most big name domainers hoard domains for years, staring at their valuable possessions at the foyer all while they smoke a big fat cigar, talking about their past successes.

But few listen to our Domain Lord, who clearly states that salvation comes through giving.

It is time to give, my domainer children, as much as you can from your earthly possessions while there is still life in your cheeks to smile at the happiness of the recipient!

Donate a portion of your domain sales to the needy, to the poor, to the famished, to the abused. Donate to those that have known only pigeon domains in their miserable lives!

May the Domain Lord bless you with his omnipotent domain grace. Amen.

Yours in body and spirit,

~Father Domainicus


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