Green Bay Packers grab #TitleTownTech domain name from “greedy family”

The Green Bay Packers own a trademark for “TITLETOWN” and have entered into a joint venture with Microsoft to provide a tech incubator in the area. The half a century old mark is showcased in a recently opened Titletown District, located adjacent to the Packers’ football stadium: “… the Titletown District is a 45-acre real-estate […]

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Groupon scandal: 50% of voters still think GoDaddy is to blame

A quick poll taking the pulse of domainers about the GoDaddy Groupon reversal, shows that half of those voted point the finger elsewhere. While 50% of voters believe that it was their own fault for this mess, the other half blames GoDaddy. Some are now blaming Groupon for this, apparently because the latter started closing […]

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With the ongoing “Groupon scandal” in full swing at GoDaddy, other domain registrars are probably working overtime this weekend. Why so, you may ask. Very simple: there are tens of thousands of dollars at stake, and the loyalty of domain customers that are pissed with GoDaddy’s reversal of the Groupon deal. Some thought it would […]

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There is truth in madness: GoDaddy stops accepting Groupons

In the middle of the GoDaddy Groupon madness, we came up with a parody article about Bob Parsons – the GoDaddy founder – supposedly getting all upset about the sneaky ways of its customers. In other words, we predicted the obvious: that once realizing the hole in the process, GoDaddy would attempt to reverse those […]

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Greedy Domainers: You will not take them with you

Good Sunday afternoon, my brothers in domaining. This is Father Domainicus with a hastily-prepared Sunday sermon. As Easter is upon us, I ask you all: is greed worth an afterlife of torture in domain Hayl? Alas, most domainers don’t consider the single most important fact of life: Death. Do not feel intimidated or despaired, my […]

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