Greek politics: Democrat Socialists Movement and social media failure

papandreouGeorge Papandreou, former prime minister of Greece, launched a new political party today called “Democrat Socialists Movement.”

With general elections coming up on January 25th, the heat is on for Papandreou to attract votes from his former party, PASOK.

Speculations over the name of the party led some media to report the name as “Kinima Allagis” – or Movement of Change.

Someone registered and set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter, attracting hundreds of unsavory comments from Greeks upset with George Papandreou’s political legacy.

A few hours later, was also registered and placed on Sedo for sale.

Today, Papandreou announced the official name of the party, setting up shop at – “The Movement“.

Sure enough, someone snapped up and parked it on Bodis.

Despite the claim to fame by George Papandreou of being social media savvy, this is clearly an example of failure to plan a few simple details related to domain names. How does he expect to run Greece?

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  1. What country do you mean?
    No man’s land?

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