Grumpy domainer: “NamesCon didn’t meet my standards”

A perpetually grumpy domain investor, who chose to remain anonymous, described the reasons behind being left dissatisfied after attending NamesCon.

Everyone else had a great time.

Everyone else had a great time.

The native Texan and father of four, flew back home on Friday, after extending his stay in Las Vegas by one day, in order to gamble.

“Y’all are crazy about NamesCon but I ain’t like that juss because I ended up losing money here!” said G.T. of Dallas, Texas.

“No sir, I ain’t get it how y’all can be called successful when my wallet squeal like a darn pig and it ain’t saying so!” he added, visibly dejected.

After talking to G.T. and trying to decipher some of the localized dialect in his ramblings, we put together a list of fairly surprising reasons related to his negative review and statement about NamesCon:

  • Discussion panels and sessions: none of them focused on the future of registering and reselling cattle, ranch and corn domains – clearly, the future of domain investments.
  • Dot .corn is on the blocked list by ICANN, due to its visual proximity to .com.
  • Elliot Silver’s refusal to “spit and shake it”, clearly a non-deal for professionals and an insult amongst Texan rancher folk. The elbow high five was just silly.
  • He was not invited to the Sedo party, despite his attempt to learn the basics of German beer naming.
  • Only caps were given away at every booth, and no option to get a cowboy hat.
  • The Donuts, Inc. booth had the most beautiful ladies, but they refused to go out on a “steak dinner date.”
  • No free gambling chips were handed at the hotel, and the toilet paper was not soft enough.
  • He did not win any money at the craps table, and ended up losing $21,000 after placing it all on Shane’s last throw.
  • Beautiful women asking “Are you here for the convention” at 3:30am at the bar, weren’t interested in further conversation after he disclosed his monetary loss.

We are very sorry to hear that G.T. didn’t have a great time like everyone else!

Better luck during NamesCon 2015, G.T. We reckon.

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