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Hackers hijacked Register.com domains via …fax!

A fax machine pawned Register.com at least three times.

A fax machine pwned Register.com at least three times.

The web sites of two antivirus companies, ESET and BitDefender, were redirected during the weekend, after Palestinian hackers took control of their DNS.

Using  a method reminiscent of the recent Melbourne IT fiasco, the hackers convinced Register.com – domain registrar of eset.com and bitdefender.com – to alter the DNS records of the domains.

What makes this particular case remarkable, is that it did not occur via email or some means of complex hacking, but rather, by using an antiquated fax machine.

Believe it or not, faxes – neolithic remnants of the 1990’s – are still an acceptable method of updating contact information at various registrars, including – apparently – Register.com.

A day prior, the same faxing method was used – again against Register.com – to hijack the DNS records of Rapid7.com, a web site providing security solutions.

What will it be next, hacking the Pentagon’s War Games system? 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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