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Stuff domain stuffing! The Domain King’s new registration in response

Domain stuffing is a spammy process perfected by Network Solutions in 2014, when it stuffed .XYZ domains “for free” into the accounts of the matching .com holders. Back then, it was called domain robo-registration. Now, Register.com—the sister company to NetSol under the Web.com umbrella—gives domain holders a free dot .Site domain. Again, the practice is […]

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Hackers hijacked Register.com domains via …fax!

The web sites of two antivirus companies, ESET and BitDefender, were redirected during the weekend, after Palestinian hackers took control of their DNS. Using  a method reminiscent of the recent Melbourne IT fiasco, the hackers convinced Register.com – domain registrar of eset.com and bitdefender.com – to alter the DNS records of the domains. What makes […]

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Stolen domain recovery: GoDaddy and Register.com lag behind

When it comes down to recovering stolen domain names, GoDaddy – the #1 domain registrar in the world – and Register.com take their sweet time to act upon legitimate complaints. All that while a relative newcomer to the domain industry, Name.com, seems to set the paradigm with regards to acting swiftly and efficiently in order […]

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