Stuff domain stuffing! The Domain King’s new registration in response

Domain stuffing is a spammy process perfected by Network Solutions in 2014, when it stuffed .XYZ domains “for free” into the accounts of the matching .com holders. Back then, it was called domain robo-registration.

Now,—the sister company to NetSol under the umbrella—gives domain holders a free dot .Site domain. Again, the practice is spammy and of questionable ethics, triggering a response from the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, who wrote:

This is one of the biggest gTLD models, STUFFING accounts with Domains nobody asked for or ordered! I have to act not to get it stuffed in my account??!! I have to opt-out?? BULLSHIT!!

Many companies will be fooled into paying renewals for years! That’s a SCAM in MY BOOK! A TOTAL SCAM BY THESE COMPANIES!!

Domain stuffing – Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

While domain stuffing does occur, we are not aware of any other incidents outside of the one in 2014 and now. Still, who wants to be associated with domain names they didn’t intend to register in the first place?

In response, the Domain King’s latest domain registration appears to be that of that is most likely going to be used as a public complaint web site such as

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One Response to “Stuff domain stuffing! The Domain King’s new registration in response”
  1. Jeff Schneider says:

    Hello Lucius

    So happy to see you have made it easier to comment. So good old Netsol is implicated. as the initiator of this Ruse.
    We have always liked your top notch presentations,but often times could not get past your screener. We like your Creative
    Tom Foolery and you have supplied much needed , gut busting laughs. JAS 3/7/2021
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (CONTACT GROUP)
    We don’t Follow, We Create

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