Hank Alvarez for new ICANN CEO in July 2012

Rod Beckstrom's position as ICANN CEO will be suitable for Hank Alvarez and his valuable domainer skills - according to many domainers.

The announcement by ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom, that he will terminate his contract with ICANN in 2012 came as a shock to many – except for members of ICANN that experienced Beckstrom’s performance first-hand.

In that press release, Beckstrom was eager to toot his own horn and address his alleged achievements in a manner that would make president Barack Obama proud.

Meanwhile, popular domain investor and domain auction expert, Hank Alvarez, announced his candidacy for the position of ICANN CEO at his personal web site, HankAlvarez.com.

Hank Alvarez, a controversial figure to many, said:

“[…] I’d like to share with you that I will be considering applying for the position of CEO at ICANN, once Rod Beckstrom steps down. I am equally capable of creating controversy and I believe I am able to deliver matching sub-standard results.”

Since the Snapnames scandal broke out in November 2009, Hank Alvarez has become a changed man, often reaching out to the domain community and offering his expert services, often for free.

It is not certain whether the board of directors at ICANN will embrace the candidacy of Hank Alvarez for the position of CEO; it is expected though that many ICANN members will feel more comfortable knowing that a former crook will bring valuable know-how and managing experience to the corporation.

You can read the full press release at HankAlvarez.com


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