Happy 40th Anniversary, Microsoft!

Microsoft was formed 40 years ago today; on April 4, 1975.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft as a software company that developed and sold BASIC interpreter software for the Altair 8800 range of computers.

In the mid-1980s, Microsoft produced and sold the very popular MS-DOS and eventually, Windows.

Microsoft went public in 1986, making Bill Gates an instant billionaire, and eventually the richest man on the planet, actively involved with wife Melinda in philanthropy.

Many things have changed in the 40 years that Microsoft has been actively promoting innovation; its eventual entry into the hardware market ensures that its operating systems interface well with modern computers.

The much anticipated launch of Windows 10 later this year should be as innovative as the upcoming HoloLens virtual reality headset, and a redesigned universal foldable keyboard.

Happy Birthday, Microsoft!


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