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HasTraffic Picasso painting stolen at NamesCon!

The Las Vegas Police department is investigating a blatant case of art theft during NamesCon.

A priceless Picasso painting, “The Sleeping Madame“, was stolen from the HasTraffic exhibit by two men pretending to be company employees. The painting belongs to the random palette era of the late Spanish master.

“It happened in broad daylight, and we caught the act on video and we’re currently assisting the police,” said HasTraffic.com founder, Yancy Naughton, adding:

“Some thought that the painting of ‘The Sleeping Madame’ was a cheap reproduction with a kitschy frame, but I would never bring a faux piece of art to a domain conference, this was the original!”

It is not the first time that a priceless item has been stolen at a domain conference; during TRAFFIC 2008, Rick Schwartz’s silk Hawaiian shirt was stolen from a dirty laundry hamper and was never found.

If you have seen the two men pictured below, or the painting, please contact Yancy via HasTraffic.com.

An original Picasso painting was stolen from the HasTraffic exhibit.

An original Picasso painting was stolen from the HasTraffic exhibit.

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2 Responses to “HasTraffic Picasso painting stolen at NamesCon!”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    I think you might find it at ename.com

  2. Yancy says:

    Got a letter from a stolen art recovery company offering their services! It seems your satire is pervasive!

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