Highway encounter : Have you seen the #Escrow .com billboard in Silicon Valley?

Escrow.com has rolled out a brand new billboard in Silicon Valley, California.

The large, blue billboard can be viewed by millions of car drivers and passengers heading up US Route 101, and contains the following message:

Selling cars, robots or Walhols?

Integrate the Escrow.com API
No chargebacks, ever.

Escrow.com – Transact up to $10m+
$3,000,000,000+ since ’99
Priced from 0.89%

You can see the actual photo of the Escrow.com billboard below:

Here’s a mockup of the billboard as it appears from the road:

In recent weeks, Escrow.com added an API that gives flexibility to embedding domain transactions to your own platform, along with a new WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.

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