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How Al Gore and Rod Beckstrom are connected

Al Gore – Inventor of the Information Superhighway.

Former Vice President, Al Gore, took a sabbatical to the Greek islands of Heptanese, after losing the 2000 elections to George Bush.

The sidekick to president Bill Clinton emerged several weeks later, sporting a full beard and having become an enlightened man.

Having invented the notorious Information Superhighwaythe reference to the public, commercial Internet – Al Gore moved on to raise awareness about the climate change our planet is going through.

In a similar fashion, Rod Beckstrom celebrated the ending of his career as ICANN CEO, by taking a trip to the Greek islands and he grew a beard.

The usually clean-shaved Rod Beckstrom, sporting a beard.

Like a modern Odysseas searching for his Ithaca, Rod Beckstrom’s sensitive chords were deeply touched, and he wrote one of the most powerful poems ever written by a high ranking corporate officer in domaining, ever.

Whether winning or losing the battle, both men searched their inner self – they introspected – allowing themselves to become vulnerable in the rugged terrains and divine beauty of the Aegean archipelago.

Let’s hope that other pioneers and core members of domaining will follow in their steps in the future – onto the fine, black volcanic sands on Greek island shores.

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2 Responses to “How Al Gore and Rod Beckstrom are connected”
  1. Guy says:

    excellent stuff! enjoyed that
    makes we want to disappear to a quiet greek isalnd for a few months

  2. mosstrooper says:

    They both went to the island of Lesbos,turned into satyrs (horns have to be clipped early every morning) and took advice from King Midas (lives on Olympus now – and never touches the stuff anymore!)

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