Huge data : Dot .Monster crosses 2 million #domain registrations overnight!

Dot .Monster, the latest (new) gTLD from the XYZ Registry, hit a major milestone overnight, crossing 2 million domain registrations.

The brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Daniel Negari, dot .Monster reached stratospheric levels, less than 24 hours after a heated Twitter exchange occurred between the CEO and the Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Said Daniel Negari:

“I’m thrilled by the news, and the free publicity by the Domain King. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine surpassing such a milestone so fast. Waking up to my yoga chimes, home-made oat meal and now this.

I love .com and I love Rick, he’s old school but still very feisty – I like that challenge! Many thanks to our XYZ blog readers and supporters, now I won’t have to tuck free domains in your NetSol accounts as we did with .XYZ!”

The overnight success of dot .Monster increases the value of the newest gTLD, to the point that even the domain Rob.Monster is valuable – dozens of potential customers will now fight for it, not just the Epik CEO.

If you haven’t registered any dot .Monster domains yet, go to, our sponsor. We won’t make a cent off this, but you’ll be a brand new .Monster domainer.

.Monster domain data

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