ICANN and GMO: Multi-steak holder model is the only viable solution

ICANN49 closed its gates in Singapore today (yesterday local time) and it should be considered a big success for the supporters of the GMO-free, multi-steak holder models.

“The food was excellent, especially the locally raised beef and bamboo sprouts,” said Lars Kronikler, a conference participant from The Netherlands.

“Washed down with some aged dot .wine, it was the best ICANN conference I’ve had the opportunity to attend in recent years,” added Kronikler.

A multi-steak holder during ICANN49 in Singapore.

A multi-steak holder during ICANN49 in Singapore.

Indeed, ICANN49 came to a consensus about the GMO-free model, agreeing to feed only wholesome, organic food to its members from now on.

“A great, monumental decision!” exclaimed the ICANN president and CEO, Fadi Chehadé.

“Starting with ICANN50 in London, the quality of food served will surpass that of any other federal partner; the world’s eyes are upon us!” added Chehadé, visibly satisfied with the steak’s wholesome taste.

The advancement of the multi-steak holder model, along with the GMO-free, organic vegetables, are expected to set the right climate for ICANN50 in London; otherwise, the infamous British weather might not cooperate, as the struggle to oust the US government from controlling the Internet continues.

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