ICANN weekend update: GoDaddy applies for dot .Sexist gTLD

With the gTLD program in full force at ICANN, several new applications have emerged recently.

One of them that is noteworthy, is GoDaddy‘s application for dot .Sexist.

“We are committed to the image that our numerous customers attribute us,” said the founder and current adviser, Bob Parsons.

“Yes, GoDaddy is about good looking women, big boobs and long legs – that’s the sexy imagery all men registrants need to see daily!” exclaimed Parsons.

The application for .Sexist will allow GoDaddy to both control criticism about the over-the-top use of buxom, attractive female models, collectively known as the “GoDaddy girls“, and to roll out a line of related merchandize.

“It’s business, and here at GoDaddy we know what’s good for you,” said Bob Parsons.

“Soon, our .sexist fashion line will prove once and for all that both men and women of America endorse the sexist along with the geeky. Nothing wrong with a fine-looking sweetmeat!” exclaimed Parsons, pinching his secretary jokingly.

ICANN will have to decide whether dot .Sexist violates any decency rights in the states of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, where the majority of Mormon domainers eside.

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