#ICANN64 for domainers : Gala dinner could feed half of Africa!

ICANN64 is going strong in Kobe, Japan; the international gathering of industry masterminds is preparing to reshape the future of domaining.

With Russia restricting Internet access to its citizens, offering its own version of Internyet, ICANN64 visitors have plenty to talk about through Thursday.

Naturally, feeding the hundreds (thousands?) of domain ambassadors requires a lot of food. Thinking on an empty stomach one can’t produce great ideas, my grandma used to say.

The ICANN gala hors d’oeuvres are legendary, with a calorie intake that can most likely feed half of Africa’s malnourished children.

At least, that’s our estimate, judging from the food that was served during the ICANN64 gala dinner. Photos are courtesy of international traveler, Alexander Schubert; he’s there networking, eating and pitching Dot .Airport as well. The food was paid for by the Japanese sponsors and meeting host.

Alexander’s food photography clearly surpasses that of another ICANN fellow and foodie extraordinaire, Michele Neylon.

Isn’t the multi-steakholder model life grand? 😀

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